82-89 Borås Loses a Close Game to Jämtland


It came down to the last 45 seconds of the game in the friday match between Borås and Jämtland.  The tight game was won by Jämtland in those last moments, when one of the Jämtland players banked a three pointer sealing a 6 point lead over Borås.  The Borås team was thrown slightly off guard by the different style of play demonstrated by the Jämtland team throughout the game.  Michael Kingma with 22 points, Dennis Springs with 21 points and Chris Anrin with 17 points all had solid games.  Despite a slight ankle sprain in the first half, Ryan McDade pushed through the game with 9 points.  Simon Andreasen and Jonas Larsson each scored 6 points and Andreas Carlsson scored 1 point ending the game at 82-89 Borås to Jämtland.  We can look forward to another exciting home game on tuesday December 11, at 7 pm against Södertälje.