‘A Wake-up Call for Borås’

Borås Coach Anders Jonsson claims the loss to Södertälje is a reality check for his team
The tuesday night game between Borås Basket and the Södertälje Kings had an incredibly slow start, with only 2 points scored per team in the first 5 minutes of the game.  The first quarter was plagued by a number of turnovers and careless shots by Borås.  

The Kings successfully used full court press defense throughtout the game, inhibiting Borås from circulating the ball and making easy shots.  There was exceptionally tough defense on point guard Dennis Springs by Thomas Massamba of the Kings.  The messy first half ended in a 20 point deficit and only 17 points scored by the team.
The second half began with a burst of energy by Borås. Andreas ‘Slim’ Carlsson, Ryan McDade and Dennis Springs tried to give Borås a fighting chance by driving in some important baskets. ‘The team kept fighting until the end,’ says Dennis Springs at the post-game press conference.  ’Big men’ Michael Kingma and Ryan McDade both found themselves in foul trouble, while players Chris Anrin and Henrik Carlsson never really got going. 
Although five of the Kings players had four fouls each and one player fouled out of the game, the Södertälje team came through with the win.  The final score was 73 to 89. The next game is at Boråshallen on tuesday December 18 against Öresundskraft. 
Points Scored Borås Basket:
Dennis 25, Ryan 18, Andreas 10, Jonas 9, Veli 4, Mikko 3, Chris 3, Michael 1

Points Scored by Södertälje:
Crone 23, Jeansson 20, Massamba 17, Skjoldebrand 12, Wikner-Nordberg 9, Rasic 4, Eriksson 2, Pita 2