Bad Things Happen in Three´s

Third Loss in a Row for Borås Basket- 77 to 87 vs. Öresundskraft
After the previous two loses against Södertälje and Jämtland, Borås Basket seems to be losing their confidence.  The Tuesday night game against Öresundskraft at Boråshallen resulted in yet another loss for Borås. The first quarter was tight with both equally balanced teams trying to feel eachother out. Borås and Öresundskraft were playing tough both defensively and offensively.
     In the second quarter Öresundskraft began to gain the lead by mastering the art of blocking and stealing the ball. Tensions rose high as Borås slowly lost control of the game by being out-played defensively.  Michael Kingma tried to boost his team´s morale by putting up great shots and exhibiting a positive attitude.
     After half time, Borås trailed Öresundskraft by ten points within the first few minutes.  Damon Jackson of Öresundskraft seemed to lead his team by making some great shots and important rebounds.  Borås was not ready however to lay down and lose the game without a fight.  Borås´ Chris Anrin made four key three pointers nearly tying up the game. Öresundskraft´s lead was quickly regained however by getting more rebounds on both sides of the court.  Öresundskraft´s coach Mattias Kenttä said at the post-game press conference that this was one of his teams´ best played games of the season, and rightly so. His team beat out Borås percentage wise in 2 point and 3 point field goals as well as in free throws.
Points Scored by Borås Basket:
 Chris 21, Michael 17, Dennis 16, Ryan 12, Andreas 6, Jonas 3, Veli 2
Points Scored by Öresundskraft:
Jackson 22, Favors 17, Stålhandske 17, Åkesson 15, Rönndahl 12, Boucari 4