A Nail-Biting Victory for Borås

Akropol remains leashed to their losing streak while Borås Basket breaks free of theirs. Borås wins by a hair: 82 to 80. 

   Borås Basket was not ready to give Akropol its first win of the season in the friday night game at Akropol’s home arena. The Akropol team has suffered through this season without a win thus far, but could be a potential threat to teams they play in the future.  They have had many very close games (including this one) and have improved as a team since the addition of players Torey-Jamal Thomas and Gerald Riley.  This was their first game played in this season with a full roster.
orås came into the first quarter with force and energy and sustained a solid lead over Akropol, ending the quarter 27 to 17.  In the second quarter, Akropol picked up their game by stealing, making a few three’s and getting the rebounds off of sloppy shots taken by Borås.  Even though Borås had 9 turnovers as a team in the first half, they remained in the lead 36 to 43.
orås’ confidence was shaken in the third quarter as the Akropol team quickly snuck up and tied the game.  Borås’ Michael Kingma got in foul trouble quickly when subsequent questionable calls were made by the refs.  The game began to get very tense as the third quarter ended tied at 60.  
he fourth quarter was even more stressful for Borås because Akropol took control of the lead.  With five minutes left in the game Akropol held onto the lead by 8 points.  Borås came back with two minutes left on the clock; they were down 2 points.  Then, Akropol sunk an unexpected three bringing their lead up to 5 points.  Henrik Carlsson of Borås was brought to the line after being fouled bringing them only three points behind Akropol.  With 45 seconds left on the clock, Ryan McDade made a crucial steal followed by a lay-up leaving Borås down by 1.  After a missed three-point attempt by Jonas Larsson, Henrik snatched the offensive rebound and assisted Chris Anrin to sink the game winning three point shot with 13 seconds left to go.  Akropol made their last 3 point attempt with 4 seconds left and the shot was deflected into Borås’ hands.  Borås wins 82 to 80!

   Both teams shot almost identically percentage-wise from the field in tonight’s game.  Borås’ Dennis Springs had a very impressive performance with a 60% average from 2-point range and 67% from 3 point range resulting in a 24 point total for the game.  Ryan McDade put in a solid effort with 20 points and an incredible 16 rebounds.  All in all this game definetly kept you on the edge of your seat and was an excellent early Christmas present for Borås.  The next game will be held at Boråshallen on January 4 at 7 pm against 08 Stockholm.


Points Scored by Borås:

Dennis 24, Ryan 20, Chris 12, Henrik 10, Jonas 10, Michael 6


Points Scored by Akropol BBk:

Riley 18, Thomas 18, Koukouvinos 18, Mazreku 12, Kalpakas 11, Krupnikovic 3