Heavy Loss for Borås Basket

  Uppsala wins 95 to 73
    The Tuesday night game against Uppsala was truly hard to watch.  In the last game played by Borås, they were victorious over Gothia and all players were contributing to the benefit of the team. One could almost say that they were watching a totally different team on tuesday night in the game against Uppsala, because the unity just wasn´t there. The first quarter was very tight but low scoring.  Borås missed a lot of open 3 point shots.  Michael Kingma always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, however to catch the rebounds on both offense and defense totaling 14 in the game. The quarter ended with Uppsala 19 to Borås 16.
    The game took a turn for the worse for Borås in the second quarter.  Borås´ offense was very messy.  Players were carelessly tossing up lay-ups and 3 point shots without following through for the rebound.  At one point Uppsala had a 12 point advantage.  Once Kingma was pulled out of the game no one seemed to be able to get the ball in the basket from any location on the court.  Borås scored a mere 15 points in the whole second quarter ending at 40 Uppsala to 31 Borås. 
    Borås was definitely hit the most hard by Uppsala in the third quarter.  This seemed to be the point of no return due to the sloppy shooting and defense of Borås Basket.  The team appeared to be giving up in frustration, slamming the ball before taking it in from out-of-bounce and not running at full speed to bring the ball down the court or to come back on defense.  With 3 minutes left in the third, Borås trailed by nearly 20 points, while Uppsala went on a shooting streak.  The third ended 76 Uppsala to Borås 52. 

    In the fourth quarter both teams were playing tough defense, but careless mistakes by Borås dug them deeper into deficit.  Borås just couldn´t land their shots from the 3 point line in this entire game.  They were 6 for 22 at 27.3% as a team from the 3 point line, compared to Uppsala who was 7 for 13 at 53.8%. There were a lot of turnovers and Borås was not fighting for the offensive rebound, they were just heading back down the court to watch Uppsala score.  With 3 minutes left in the game Borås was down by nearly 30 points and the players were fouling in frustration.  Coach Anders Jonsson also seemed to give up towards the end of the game by pulling out all of his starters, and replacing them with back-up players.  The only fighting spirit that could be seen by the end of the game was that of Rasmus Tordne, who was fighting for loose balls and steals until the bitter end.  Apparently it was too little, too late.  The game ended Uppsala 95 to Borås 73.  There will be a free game for all spectators on Friday March 7, at Boråshallen.   
Points Scored Borås:

Michael 18, Dennis 14, Henke 10, Chris 9, Jonas 6, Rasmus 5, Andreas 4, Mikko 3, Almis 2, Simon 2
Points Scored Uppsala:
Thomas Jackson 16, Aron Molnar 14, Danny Gathings 13, Joel Guei 13, Fredrik Jönzén 11, Borislav Djordjic 10, Andreas Person 8, Anton Gaddefors 5, Fredrik Rosén 3, Mannos Nakos 2.