På onsdag spelas första matchen för året

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Matchdag onsdag 7 januari
Matchstart 19.04
On the 7th of January I´m leading to battle a great group of guys. A group that has gone through a lot lately but they have stuck together. And together is the way we will go forward.
I am in the business of coaching for three reasons: I like challenges, I enjoy pressure situation, And, I like to see good things happen to good people. I hope that the very things that I do this job for will help the team get a win tonight. The players are still very motivated and with the new coach taking the pressure off the players and onto himself they will have an opportunity to challenge anyone.
It only adds to the fun that we play against the Baltic League team Norrköping Dolphins and their All Star players.  
I have felt very welcome in Borås, and this fact makes my job that much more rewarding.
Thank you for your support.
Lars Ekström