Borås Basket VS Solna Vikings

Halv entré för alla medlemmar i klubben mot uppvisande av medlemskort.
Fredagen 23 januari
Matchstart 19.04

How to beat a giant or two?

My second home game in Borås is one that I will always remember. Playing the League leading Solna Vikings would be reason enough, but I have a couple of other reasons to be excited about the game. Solna is coached by Pekka Salminen. The last time our teams met was in the Finnish playoffs two years ago. Playing Pekka’s teams is always a very intense experience. I have known Pekka since 1983. Even before Juha Sten was born. Juha I have known all his life. His father sometimes brought him to our practices, and I would play one on one against a very competitive kindergarten star. So, whatever happens in the game, I will remember it forever. A win would certainly be nicer to remenice about.