A Game that We Will Not Loose by One Point

Så här säger Coach Lars om matchen på söndag.

After a series of hard fought games that have not ended our way, the team is looking forward to another chance to end all talks of a jinx or other superstitious non-sense. We have an opportunity to show our supportive home crowd that all the fighting and hustling in the past games will continue. The experience has been an educational one, even to the most experienced players and coach.
Jämtland will be a mighty challenge with their league leading scoring duo of Andrew Mitchell and Tyrone Levett. However, the team has lately had several other players rising to the occasion and scored big numbers. So there is, once again, a whole team full of players that need to be stopped. The young Egal Saleman will get our special attention since he has managed to play great against us in the past.
Enjoy watching and cheering on the team that never quits!