Sundsvallʼs Bad Night

Så här säger Coach Lars om matchen på Fredag.
Our opponent has two players that I know from Finland. Alex Wesby had a couple of good seasons with Finnish teams. He was always the main man first to scout and then to actually stop. Neither one of these things were ever easy. A mobile forward with a great shooting touch and a will to score and win is always the biggest challenge for a coach. 
Aki Ulander is a player I very much enjoyed coaching in Lahti. He had a good nose for defence, always finding the right angle to do most harm to the offence. At his best Aki can play offence to fill a great high light film. Recently, he has not played much coming off the bench of one of the most talent packed teams in the Swedish League.
Sundsvall has the players and the coach to go very far in the playoffs. But, their well balanced roster has suffered from some unbalanced play lately. This team is capable of winning the Championship. Tonight, however, we have to make sure they play one of their weaker games.