Gothia and Borås, two clubs looking forward to a better future.

Gothia shares our faith of having had a disappointing season. They are always ready to surprise anyone who approaches the game by looking at the Basketligan standings.

If you don’t believe this, why don’t you ask the people in Uppsala? They have only lost one home game this season, and yes, it was against Gothia. I have watched several games by Gothia, and somehow they have managed to show their joy of playing basketball, even when loosing.
Högsbo basketball with their junior teams, tradition, their own arena, and the great junior tournament really deserve to have a team in Basketligan. Gothenburg also has the financial potential necessary to get a team to the playoffs, championships, and even European competitions. This is not the right time to play up the rivalry between Borås and Gothenburg. Both clubs need all possible support to get Southern Sweden and Västra Götaland basketball to the top. History has shown that if there is success there is huge interest, people in this area will come to the games and support a hard-working and winning team.

Let us welcome a better future by finishing this season in style. Enjoy the game.

Thank you for sharing our fortunes and our pain this season. Your support is the basis for a better future.