Första matchen med fullt manskap!

Första matchen med fullt manskap!

Det blev förlust i matchen mot Valmiera. Efter att ha varit i ledning halvvägs så blev till slut letterna för svåra, deras skytte efter halvtid var i det närmaste 100% och det i kombination med vår relativt ”nya” trupp avgjorde till deras fördel. Återigen visar vi dock en fantastisk moral och alla spelare kämpar hårt i 40 minuter. Läs vad Ryan McDade har att säga om läget och se resultat och poänggörare här

Hey everybody, first off I just want to say hi and thanks for checking the site out to see how we’re doing. We had our first game, with the whole team together, tonight against a tough Latvian team. Although we ended up losing by about 20, there were still some good things to take from this game. We started off well, with Chris catching fire and hitting some big 3’s for us. The game was close for the first half but we lost it after halftime. It wasn’t that the Latvian team was that much better than us, we were just really tired and ran out of gas and our defense struggled because of it.. Our opponents were in great shape, and that’s where we need to be by the time the season starts. We need to learn from our mistakes and tomorrow play better than we did tonight.That’s the goal for these pre-season games, learn from our mistakes and to keep improving.


Me and the other imports just got with the team a couple of days ago so we are still getting to know the other players and coaches. All the guys on the team have been great and Im looking forward to spending the season getting to know everyone even better. I’ve had the chance to play for other teams, in different countries, but Boras has been the most professional by far. The team has done a great job taking care of us. Thanks again for checking us out, and we hope to see you at our games in Boras


SK Valmiera – Borås Basket 97-79

Christopher Anrin 16, Jonas Larsson 15, Dennis Springs 11, Henrik Carlsson 11, Ryan McDade 11, Michael Kingma 8, Veli Taatila 4, Simon Andreasen

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Boråshallen / Kansli
(Bockasjögatan 2 Borås)
(Milstensgatan 25 507 42 Borås)
(Nolhagagatan 7 506 43 Borås)
(Klinikvägen 504 57 Borås)
(Hestra ringväg 6 504 70 Borås)
(Västra Nygatan 20 504 38 Borås)
(Campinggatan 1 506 40 Borås)
(Engelbrektsgatan 14, 506 36 Borås)
(Stora Tvärgränd 1, 504 33 Borås)

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