Gothia Falters to Borås Basket

Borås takes home a desperately needed win 82-75

    Borås clearly came to win on Thursday night in the game against Gothia.   Henrik Carlsson kicked the game off with a lot of energy and aggressive play.   He has really been a great contributor to the team by being the first one down the court and grabbing rebounds and lose balls.  Borås had the lead in the beginning of the first quarter but Gothia crept up and finished the quarter trailing Borås by only 2 points.  Chris Anrin, who has been on a phenomenal shooting streak in past games seemed to be having an ´´off game.´´  He was 0 for 4 from the 3 point line in the first quarter.  Dennis Springs also seemed to be having some difficulty performing due to a heal injury.  The quarter ended Borås 18 to 16 Gothia. 
     Michael Kingma had a great game.  He was the leading scorer (17 points) and rebounder (11) and was Borås´ strength inside the paint.  Rasmus Tordne and Simon Andreassen have been playing a lot more in recent games.  Coach Anders Jonsson appears to be developing the talent of his rookie players lately in order to utilize them more next season.  In the second quarter Coach tried a very unconventional line up, with all of Borås´ ´´back-up´´ players and no starters on the court.  The different combination of players was a success and the half ended with Borås 40 to Gothia 33.  
    After resting his starters in the second quarter, Anders put them all back in play for the second half.  Kingma had a really great block against Tim Smith of Gothia.  Jonas Larsson was definitely Borås´ clutch player of the evening.  In the third quarter he made three 3´s in a row. Borås was playing somewhat carelessly in this quarter and if it hadn´t been for the sharp shooting of Larsson, the team would´ve probably been losing at this point.  The third quarter ended Borås 61 to 56 Gothia. 
    There were many traveling calls and turnovers by Gothia throughout the game, which can be expected from such a young and unexperienced team.  In the fourth quarter Borås took a stronger lead, but Gothia was not ready to fold.  The tension between teams was exacerbated by a little tussle between Kingma and Darnell Lazare, which was quickly broken up by the refs.  Borås´ strong lead was brought down to 6 points with 1 minute left on the clock.  Gothia was purposefully fouling Borås and as a team they were missing most of their free throws, giving Gothia possession and the opportunity to score.  But in the end, Borås took home the victory and it was truly a team effort. 
Points Scored Borås:

Michael 17, Jonas 15, Henke 14, Dennis 14, Chris 8, Rasmus 6, Simon 4, Andreas 2, Veli 2

Points Scored Gothia:

Emil Salon 17, Darnell Lazare 14, Tim Smith 13, Chris Sanders 11, Daniel Dajic 8, Erik Vestin 5, Alexei Korolev 3, Yannick Trott 2, Brandon Barton 2

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Boråshallen / Kansli
(Bockasjögatan 2 Borås)
(Milstensgatan 25 507 42 Borås)
(Nolhagagatan 7 506 43 Borås)
(Klinikvägen 504 57 Borås)
(Hestra ringväg 6 504 70 Borås)
(Västra Nygatan 20 504 38 Borås)
(Campinggatan 1 506 40 Borås)
(Engelbrektsgatan 14, 506 36 Borås)
(Stora Tvärgränd 1, 504 33 Borås)

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