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Boras defeats Akropol 109-95

    The Borås Basket team has not only suffered a loss of games recently.  They have also lost their starting forward Ryan McDade.  McDade broke his wrist while playing the February 8th game against Södertälje.  Unfortunately, McDade will most likely not be able to play for the remainder of this season.  McDade was their crutch for being aggressive in the paint and he was one of the leading rebounders in the league.  Since the loss to Södertäjle and the loss of McDade, Borås has been working hard on developing new strategies to become more tough defensively and grab more rebounds as a team to make up for the absence of McDade.  This team effort was truly exhibited in the Tuesday night game against Akropol.  In the first quarter, Henrik Carlsson really shined by snatching rebounds and assisting his teammates to score.   Simon Andreasen entered the game even though he recently underwent surgery for a torn miniscus.  The rookie player seemed to have 100 percent use of the injured knee.  Jonas Larsson got into foul trouble in the quarter with three fouls early in the game.  Borås quickly took the lead as the quarter began, but just as quickly Akropol caught up. The quarter ended with Borås 23-Akropol 24.  
     Andreasen and Taatila also found themselves in foul trouble (with 3) at the beginning of the second quarter.  Borås kept a strong 10 point lead over Akropol for basically the whole quarter, thanks to the sharp shooting of Christopher Anrin, who had three 3´s in a row.  At this point however, Borås had 18 fouls as a team forcing many of the players to sit out for long periods of time.  Both Rasmus Tordne and Tim Hånkansson saw some action in the quarter.  Second quarter: Borås 55- 42.
     The second half of the game was dominated by Borås.  Early in the third Borås had as much as a 21 point lead over Akropol.  Michael Kingma, Dennis Springs and Chris Anrin had great shooting percentages from the field.  Larsson, Kingma and Taatila all had 4 fouls in the fourth quarter and Springs had 3, despite the huge lead.  Akropol had so many consecutive baskets in the fourth quarter that Borås´ lead was reduced to a mere 5 points with 7 minutes left, putting everyone on the edge of their seats.  Kingma had a very strong presence in the fourth quarter with 18 points and 16 rebounds which awarded him ´´player of the game.´´  Borås´ lead was regained as Larsson and Anrin hit two long three´s bringing the lead up by a stable 10 points.  With a few minutes left, Borås led by 18 and walk-on Chris Almstrand entered the game.  The last shot was sunk by rookie Mikko Riipinen and the joy of a solid hard and earned victory could be seen on all of the players faces.  Final score: 109-95.
Points Scored:
Springs 27, Anrin 24, Kingma 18, H. Carlsson 8, Taatila 7, A. Carlsson 6, Riipinen 5, Tordne 5, Larsson 5, Håkansson 2, Andreasen 2
Riley, 28, Thomas 26, Marzeku 18, Koukouvinos 16, Merzoug 3, Lindberg 2, Bergquist 2
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Boråshallen / Kansli
(Bockasjögatan 2 Borås)
(Milstensgatan 25 507 42 Borås)
(Nolhagagatan 7 506 43 Borås)
(Klinikvägen 504 57 Borås)
(Hestra ringväg 6 504 70 Borås)
(Västra Nygatan 20 504 38 Borås)
(Campinggatan 1 506 40 Borås)
(Engelbrektsgatan 14, 506 36 Borås)
(Stora Tvärgränd 1, 504 33 Borås)

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