One Step Towards the Play-offs

Borås wins tuesday night´s game against Jämtland 92-81
I´m confident the Borås Basket team felt a huge sigh of relief after winning the February 5, game against Jämtland.  The team hasn´t been playing up to their potential lately and therefore have been locked in the 8th spot in the club rankings, one spot away from being ineligible to participate in the play-offs.  The play-offs are still in feasible reach for the team however, if they can play as they did in this game and hold on to that 8th spot until the end of the regular season.  In the Borås-Jämtland match, the team´s energy was felt from the very beginning.  They were out there to win.  Michael Kingma, Dennis Springs, and Ryan McDade played strong offense while Jämtland scrambled to keep up.  Jämtland had many turnovers in this quarter.  They almost seemed to be throwing the ball to a player that wasn´t there, giving Borås the posession. Kingma´s tough defense landed him two quick fouls, which forced him to be benched.  The strong lead was lost by Borås by the end of the first quarter resulting in almost a tie: 23-21. 

In the second quarter Ryan McDade came to life taking the ball to the hole and grabbing rebounds.  His great performance was suprising being that in the last game against Solna he suffered an eye injury which is still affecting his sight.  Rasmus Tordne made an appearance in the quarter taking over as point guard for Borås.  Borås´ Chris Anrin and Jonas Larsson each went on hot 3 point shoting streaks (3 each), making the crowd roar with excitment.  Kingma re-entered the game with avengence, making some great shots.    At the half Borås lead 50-42.
Whatever coach Anders Jonsson said to the players at halftime really seemed to have had an impact.  In the third quarter they played really well as a team with great circulation of the ball and quick, efficient plays. The Jämtland team seemed solely dependent on their star Andrew Mitchell to score, while Borås´ strength was well destributed between all the players.  This quarter sealed the victory for Borås ending at 72-54.
After losing the last game to Jämtland earlier in the season, Borås clearly learned from their mistakes and inturn controlled the lead for this entire game.  In the final quarter Kingma, Henke Carlsson and McDade were all in foul trouble, but this didn´t effect their winning attitudes.  Because the team had such a tight grip on the lead their new youth player Christopher Almstrand saw a little action and attempted a shot. Springs outwitted Jämtland by running down the shot clock and driving in with his signature up and under layups.  Player of the game, Dennis Springs was possibly inspired for success by his incredible dunk in the pre-game warmups.  Towards the end of the game both McDade and Carlsson fouled out but this was insignificant to the outcome of the game. Borås took home a huge win 92-81.  

Points Scored:

Borås Basket:
Dennis 27, Ryan 18, Kingma 15, Jonas 11, Chris 9, Henrik 8, Andreas 2, Tim 2

Jämtland Basket:
Mitchell 23, Witworth 19, Chuk 12, Hellgren 12, Djuric 8, Eriksson 4, Westin 3

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Boråshallen / Kansli
(Bockasjögatan 2 Borås)
(Milstensgatan 25 507 42 Borås)
(Nolhagagatan 7 506 43 Borås)
(Klinikvägen 504 57 Borås)
(Hestra ringväg 6 504 70 Borås)
(Västra Nygatan 20 504 38 Borås)
(Campinggatan 1 506 40 Borås)
(Engelbrektsgatan 14, 506 36 Borås)
(Stora Tvärgränd 1, 504 33 Borås)

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