The Well-Known Visitor from the North

The Well-Known Visitor from the North

  is probably the best known Swedish basketball team around Europe. Their continuous success has been good for the club and their main sponsor.

Coach Kenttä has continued the active style of play that is the legacy of their former coach and a friend of mine David Visscher. Kenttä has added his own spices, especially on defence.

You can count on Håkan Larsson to lead his team with good decision making and balance. A balance we need to break. The block threat of Jon Rosendahl and Mark McCarroll (a former player of mine) is as impressive as their rebounding power.

To compete with this powerhouse we need to have good ball movement, tenacious defense, and an extra energy boost from our younger players.

The future is for those who never give up!



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Boråshallen / Kansli
(Bockasjögatan 2 Borås)
(Milstensgatan 25 507 42 Borås)
(Nolhagagatan 7 506 43 Borås)
(Klinikvägen 504 57 Borås)
(Hestra ringväg 6 504 70 Borås)
(Västra Nygatan 20 504 38 Borås)
(Campinggatan 1 506 40 Borås)
(Engelbrektsgatan 14, 506 36 Borås)
(Stora Tvärgränd 1, 504 33 Borås)

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